About Us

Cloud Token is a Chinese multi-currency crypto wallet in the form of a mobile application, that you install on your smartphone. You can store your cryptocurrency on it, but you can do something much more interesting! By clicking just a few buttons, you can send your cryptocurrency, ВТС, Ethereum, USDT or other coins to the trust management of Cloud Token.
Having made this simple action, you will begin to receive daily profit, which is 6-12% per month! But that is not all! You get profit in CTO tokens, the price of which is constantly growing!
In a similar project - Plus Token, which has been working for more than a year. The price of the token has increased from $ 0.5 to $ 250 and continues to grow. Initial investors Plus Token increased their capital by 150 times! Many have become millionaires.

Naturally, logging into Plus Token is now very dangerous, because its price is at its peak and may collapse at any time. But for this, there is Cloud Token, where the price of the token is only $ 0.47 at the moment! The potential of Cloud Token is huge!
As proof of the system, you can see the online trading reports that can be seen inside the application. And also, the main developer Ronald Aai showed the leaders how online trading software works! Below you will see a screenshot from the application and a video after which, even the most skeptics believed, that the system is working!
You do not need to believe in it, you just need to earn money, as long as there is such an opportunity!
I advise you to delve into this project so as not to blame yourself for the missed opportunity!

  • P.S. Refers to the project as a opportunity high-risk earning.
  • P.S. These kinds of projects work on human greed (do not forget to withdraw the earned)
  • P.S. Code - 5440302045 - (without it, registration in the project is impossible)

Cloud Token Developer

  • The developers of the Cloud Token application are public people and there is a direct connection with them. The lead developer is Ronald Aai. Here is his facebook account — https://www.facebook.com/ronaldaai
  • And also it can often be found on international blockchain forums.
  • The other day, Ronald Aai showed us how their trading robot works and talked about trading strategies.

Online Trading Reports:

The work of trading software online:

Terms for investors Cloud Token

Deposit currency: BTC, ETH, USDT, LTC, Doge, BCH, TUSD Minimum deposit: $ 50, but to activate an affiliate program at least $ 500! The deposit is unlimited! The contribution body can be withdrawn at any time! (If you withdraw the body earlier than 30 days, the commission is 8.3%, if later - 1%) Profitability, floating 6-12% per month! Regardless of the amount of deposit! Profit is accrued daily. Profit is paid with CTO tokens. You can exchange them for Ethereum inside the wallet and withdraw. The body of the deposit is not converted! If you invested Ethereum, then you get profit on the Ethereum!
Do not forget that in addition to daily interest accruals, the price of CTO token is also growing!
Therefore, you can get a lot more profit!
My deposit: more than $ 5000 (20 ETH)
Recommended deposit amount: everyone decides for himself.

Affiliate program:

  • 1st line: 100% of daily profit!
  • 2nd line: 50% of the profit!
  • 3rd - 10th line: 5% of profit!
  • If your total team turnover is $ 200,000 and you have 16 partners of the 1st line, you get the rank (C1), and begin to receive 10% of the partners ’profit from the 3rd line to infinity.
  • If you have 3 people with a rank (C1) in 3 different branches, you get a rank (C2) and start getting 15% of the partners ’profit from the 3rd line to infinity.
  • If you have 3 people in 3 different branches with a rank (C2), you get a rank (C3) and begin to receive 20% of the partners ’profit from the 3rd line to infinity.
  • If you have 3 people with a rank (C3) in 3 different branches, you get a rank (C4) and begin to receive 25% of the partners ’profit from the 3rd line to infinity.
  • If you have 3 people with a rank (C4) in 3 different branches, you get a rank (C5) and begin to receive 30% of the partners ’profit from the 3rd line to infinity.
  • Note: If your partner catches up with you by rank, you stop receiving an additional percentage from him. Unlike analogues, there is compression here. And this is very good!

Is it worth investing in Cloud Token

1. The trendy idea of a cryptocurrency wallet with a remote control function.
2. A similar project Plus Token has made many millionaires.
3. Cloud Token took into account all the mistakes of his older brother and made a much better product!
4. Easy to use! Unlike analogs, registration takes 10 seconds here, and for registration you do not need to enter a phone number, this gives you full protection, data privacy. There will be no delay when withdrawing funds, no need to wait until SMS arrives on the phone.
5. In order to secure the funds you need to connect Google Authenticator.
6. There are trading reports, as well as evidence of working trading software. The peers did not have any reports and evidence of their work.
7. Excellent tech support. There is a direct link with the project administrations.
8. The international project, which included leaders from the United States, Malaysia, Japan and European countries.
9. The affiliate program is not as aggressive as in the counterparts, and there is also compression! This fact greatly extends the life of the given project.
10. Still just the start. Join our team “And conquer the world together”.

How to get started with Cloud Token

1. Download the application from the official website https://www.cloudtokenwallet.com/ or at the top of the page.
2. If you have an iPhone (IOS), after downloading the application, you need to go to Settings / General / Device Management / YFC Tecnologies / Cloud token and click "trust".
3. Go to the application. In the window that appears, immediately enter the referral code – 5440302045
4. Enter the password and click on. On the screen you will see your login. Be sure to save it!
5. Go to the application, go to the main screen, select the cryptocurrency you need (I personally invested in Ethereum), click / Deposit / send the cryptocurrency to the address in your wallet.
6. When the funds appear on the balance sheet, click Project / Jarvis / confirm the policy, make the funds ETH (or other cryptocurrency) and launch the trading.

7. That's it, the deposit is created! Now, every day you will receive a profit that will come to your balance in the form of CTO tokens. To convert it to Ethereum for output, you must press CTO on the main one and click Convert!

Installation of 2-factor protection Google Authenticator

Install 2-factor protection (it is better to install immediately!).Google Authenticator soon, without it, it will be impossible to send coins to work, as well as bring them out.
1. How to set up Google Authenticator
A) Install the application: Google Authenticator from Google Play or the Apple Store.
B) After installation, go back to the Cloud Token application, click on Settings / Google Authenticator.
And click the "Activate" button. You will see the Authenticator activation code on the screen.
C) Copy this code, go back to the Google Authhenticator application, then click on the plus sign in the upper right corner.
D) In the "Account" field, enter Cloud Token.
E) In the “Key” field, enter your key that you just copied in the Cloud Token application and click on the checkmark in the upper right corner.
F) If you did everything correctly, then on the screen you will see 6 digits - this is your Google code. The code changes every 30 seconds.
G) We return to our Cloud Token application, enter the Google code (6 digits) and click Activate.
Done, 2 texture protection installed!